What do we know about earpads
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What do we know about earpads?

In the world of headphones, earpads are an often overlooked accessory. People tend to focus on big-ticket items like sound quality and aesthetics when purchasing a set of headphones. What they don’t realize is that earbud comfort can be just as important for overall satisfaction with their purchase. When you find yourself wanting to take your new headphones off after only a few minutes because they aren’t comfortable, it takes away from the joy of listening to music or watching a movie.

How to choose the right one?

When deciding which pads are right for you, there are some key factors to consider: material, size and thickness

The earpads BlackShark V2 X Pro is the soft padding that goes around your ears to protect them from outside sounds. It can be made out of foam or memory foam, and it’s important to know which one you should choose for your specific use cases. Memory foam pads are great for people who do a lot of traveling because they offer more comfort than other types.

The size is matter!

Decide on size of G PRO X earpads – small/medium or large/extra-large. The right size for you depends on the shape and size of your face, as well as your personal preference. You may want to start with a larger set of pads if you have never worn them before, since it is easier to adjust smaller pads than vice versa. If you find that the ear cups are pressing against the side of your head when they are in a comfortable position, try going up a size until this pressure disappears.

A good set of earpads will improve bass response, reduce outside noise, and help you to hear better. For about $25 or less you can get a pair of misodiko ear pads that will offer all of the above benefits and more.

Image by whoalice-moore from Pixabay

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