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What App Animates Photos

Modern technologies allow even an ordinary smartphone user to animate any of their photos. To do this, you will need a smartphone, a special application that differ in functionality, and a little of your free time and desire. There are applications and online services. Below are some applications that will allow you to revive your photos on Android and iOS. Since they all differ in functionality, then somewhere you can animate the face in the photo, and somewhere you can animate other parts of the photo.

All applications are free, but for an additional fee you can expand their functionality.

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Logopit Motion: Animate Photos

By downloading Logopit Motion to your smartphone, you can create short videos. And for this you will only need your images from the gallery. Animate Photos by adding various animated photo effects, filters. You put all this on the image, and from a static state it turns into a video clip or gif.

In addition, you can add texts and stickers that will help you create your own animated project. All this can be combined into one, while each of the added objects can be animated individually.


Using the capabilities of a trained neural network, you can not only revive a photo, but also make a full-fledged clip with a song: the application’s media library includes several dozen source data, into which your photograph can be embedded during processing. As a working material, the application allows you to use both pictures stored in the smartphone’s memory and selfies taken with the built-in camera.

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The program is suitable for animating photographs, frames from movies and cartoons and other images. As additional tools for reviving photos, you can use a 3D editor and a library of music tracks offered by the developers.

Among the interesting features, it is worth noting the ability to draw lines of facial movements on the picture — and freely edit them.

Creating an animation from a single photo has become so easy that anyone can do it.

Image by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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