Sony Xperia Play
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Sony Xperia Play

Are you looking for a phone with excellent mobile gaming? I would encourage you to check out the new Xperia Play Android Smartphone (also known as the Playstation phone). It truly brings mobile gaming to a new level. So I went jogging the other day in my compression shorts and decided to stop in and buy this phone. Here is my review:

Sony made the phone look pretty classy but when you pick it up you realize how bulky it is. The good thing is that it is not any more bulky than other phones that slide out with keyboards. It weigh is about 6.2 ounces so it does feel heavy but it is a sturdy phone.

The coolest feature from this phone is its slide-out gamepad. It is not as good as the gamepads on portable gaming systems but it works very well. It also looks like the controllers from the Playstation with some tiny variants. There are two touch pads instead of analog sticks. The dpad and the face buttons responded very well but they seemed to be sunken in which made them hard to press.

Though the Xperia Play has all the new gaming technology it has some outdated specifications. It only runs in 3G in the mobile world that is embracing 4G phones. It only contains 400MB of internal memory which really can limit the amount of games that you can download onto it. They do have a MicroSD card that you can put memory on but the onboard memory sorely disappoints.

When it comes to the games themselves the Xperia Play outranks the competition. Having an actual gamepad gives you a better control over the games. Since it is a Playstation phone you can download any classic Playstation games available on the Android Market.

For those who enjoy gaming this is the phone for you. For everyone else you might want to check out another Smartphone.

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