Monster Beats Headphones
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Monster Beats Headphones

These totally cool Monster Beats headphones are packed with amazing features you’ve never experienced in any headphones before. They are made with highly advanced materials aimed for audio accuracy and clarity to give you the best listening experience. It has an advanced speaker design and extra large speaker drivers combined with high power digital amplifier and powered noise cancellation that lets you hear the music of your favorite artists exactly how they want you to. Its advanced driver design is responsible for its precise audio clarity while the extra large speaker drivers give a super deep bass. To balance the sound and clarity, these cool headphones have a cable with Quadripole 4 twisted pair construction, reducing signal loss.

Aside from that, its powered isolation technology is capable of cutting external noises. That way, you can focus solely on the music and not the noise. The Monster Beats Studio headphones are also comfortable to the ears because of its spacious and plush ear cushions made of ultra-soft and breathable materials. This keeps your ears cool no matter how many hours you spend listening. Plus, you can even make calls with your iphone or other music phones because of its iSonitalk cable with answer button and mic. Monster Beats Studio Headphones Features and Specifications
Powered isolation technology actively cuts external noise
Spacious earcups with plush, breathable cushions for ultimate listening comfort
Advanced driver design for precise audio clarity and extra large speaker drivers for super deep bass
Monster headphone cable with Quadripole twisted pair construction for balanced sound and clarity
Included iSonitalk cable with answer button and mic lets you take calls with iPhone or other music phones Monster Beats Headphones
Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 15 cm
Weight: 259 g

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones Review

Users love these super cool Monster Beats headphones because it is not like other headphones whose speakers make your favorite singer sound like a different person. And although the song is what matters, you have to admit good sound quality can perk up your mood and would make you enjoy the song better. With this, a lot of users agree that these headphones absolutely have great sound quality that makes them feel the songs they listen to. Whether it’s pop, rock, classics, etc. they were able to jam with the music and some even claimed to have tears in their eyes after listening to their favorite songs using these headphones. Not to mention, it looks good and comes with a hard, protective case and you can even fold it so that it fits inside your pouch for storage. Users also agree that it fits perfectly around their ear, which makes it very comfortable to use. All in all, when it comes to sound quality, appearance, comfort, and convenience, users find these headphones truly impressive.

However, these Monster headphones are a bit expensive for some users. Although the white costs less than the black, it still does costs a lot. But considering its performance, the price doesn’t matter at all. And though some users notice that the music does leak a bit, some users don’t seem to mind because they only have the sound quality in mind.

Still, when one gets to try using the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Headphones, and experience being moved by the music, one could say these pair of headphones are the best they’ve ever bought.

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