Keep the battery endurance capabilities
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Keep the battery endurance capabilities

Most people think that disabling the device extends battery life, but the reverse is true. Devices consume more energy when they run so close is not a good idea if they are to be made too often.

Portable electronic devices

Reduce the brightness of the screen where you can significantly improve the battery life of mobile phones, laptops, iPods, etc. is not necessary to adjust the brightness to 100% during the night or when you exit a dark room. Brightness is perfect if the screen can be read without a lot of pressure on the eyes. It can also reduce the time that the backlight when not in use. Among the iPod as an example, you can reduce the time from 10 seconds to 2 seconds. When inactive, all sleeping in portable mode.

In particular, the volume reduction will improve battery life. Y contributes “often use a headset and leave the volume down more than 50%.

Application runs in the background are energy intensive. Therefore, applications are closed, which is not currently in use. Disk fragmentation using more efficient and reduces energy consumption. Remember to send your computer into standby mode automatically after a certain period of inactivity. In any case, be more efficient to start taking the entire computer. Allowing an increase in CD / DVD in energy consumption because of the device from time to time.

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Cars and other vehicles

But above all, protect the battery against the warm temperatures under the hood with a heat shield or sleeve. Keep the battery is fully charged, extended his life. If temperatures are hot outside, you need to check electrolyte levels more often. Recent studies have shown that the battery in the engine compartment, making the battery life of about 8 months. In new cars often find that the manufacturer to move the battery compartment and the trunk to avoid high temperatures and wet batteries, which are vented outside or cells is not gas during charging. In rare cases and only for short distances, the battery can be continuously under the load, to collect the lead sulfate (sulfation) and eventually lose the ability. The load can be done with an external battery.

The temperature is very important for all batteries. Protect the batteries from excessive heat to extend their lives considerably. Obviously, the higher temperature accelerates chemical reactions. Use distilled water to the battery more often. In an emergency, you can still get rainwater as a replacement. Apart from people with low temperatures can increase battery life by reducing the loading/unloading. The batteries must be kept at full load in extreme cold.

Wi-Fi applications

To improve the battery life increases the battery capacity or reduce the energy consumption of Wi-Fi products you can always use a bigger battery, but in most cases is larger and more profitable. This leaves us with device power consumption reduced, which is obtained by increasing the wait time and reduce the cycle time of sale. If you do not need WiFi, you can turn off the iPod and save energy.

You will find that these tips to greatly improve the economies of the battery lifetime of energy. Once you get used to it, you can apply these techniques to common sense.

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