Halloween apps for android
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Halloween apps for android

Halloween is just making its way, and the apps have started flooding in to give you a complete feel of the day. With live wallpapers, ringtones and masks, your device could make your party spookiest ever. The deadly sounds and wall papers would scare the pants off of your friends and relatives up to next Halloween. Haunt yourself and your friends with the below 5 creepy apps for android

Halloween sounds app:

This Halloween scares away your friends with the spookiest sounds form the app adding lots of fun to your Halloween parties. Relive your childhood by playing pranks and terrifying your relatives with the sounds that would make their teeth chatter. The sounds would compliment your mask and bring in life your scary character in the event. So be the limelight of the show with this freaking sound app which is free to download.

Halloween ghosts:

Get into the skin of Halloween by choosing a scene for ghosts to wander on your home screen.  Get haunted by the constant movement of the ghost on your screen with the spookiest sound. The app lets you choose the number of ghosts that you want to let out on your screen and adjust the transparency for each ghost to give real effect to it. Control the speed of the ghost to sometimes make it look scarier and at times giving you space to breathe when haunted.

Halloween planner:

Halloween planner is a complete guide to you for a Halloween party which has to – do list compiled for you. The list comprises of all necessary items like decorations, costumes, masks and safety tips required to make you party a fun-filled event with no space left for any stress. Form the list of about 200 items; choose the items which you think are apt for your theme and enjoy the event with trick or treating. Perfection is guaranteed as everything is pre-planned and the app gives you the flexibility to save the list for any other event.

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Halloween mask pack:

If you have no costumes ready for your Halloween or have no mask in hand. Do not panic. You can still be part of the party with the app converting your phone into a mask for you. Choose the desired character and the animations make your screen look like a mask which you can use to scare your friends. So the app comes to your rescue with the phone acting as a coolest mask.

Halloween ringtones:

With Halloween around the corner, light the party mood in you by constant reminders from your phone like ringtones, alarms, and notifications. The sound is loud and scary which could prepare you for the Halloween or used to play pranks on your friends. Be part of the celebrations with ringtones complementing your costumes and characters.

The android market has the best spooky apps to offer to give you the deadly experience on Halloween. Grab the apps on your device and get haunted with your friends.

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